Tattoo Removal

Fast Laser Tattoo Removal with PicoSure®

Are you missing out on wonderful opportunities because of your visible tattoo? Finally, you can live your life without being judged because of your tattoo! With PicoSure®’s advanced laser technology, removing unwanted tattoos is fast and safe.*  

How Does Laser Tattoo Removal Work?

PicoSure represents a major advancement over older Q-switched Nd: YAG laser technologies. PicoSure is equipped with a picosecond laser that can remove tattoos faster than ever before.* PicoSure’s powerful laser light pulses shatter underlying tattoo inks into microscopic particles that the immune system can naturally eliminate from the body. The full spectrum of colored tattoo inks, including notoriously difficult to remove blue and green inks, can be treated.*  PicoSure laser treatments are safe and cause fewer side effects than outdated laser technologies.*

What to Expect during PicoSure Laser Tattoo Removal

Scheduling a consultation is the best way to learn how many sessions will be needed to remove your unwanted tattoo. Multiple appointments are usually needed to remove the average tattoo.* Some people say that the procedure feels similar to getting a tattoo, but takes much less time. A cooling anesthetic can also be provided to alleviate discomfort. PicoSure laser tattoo removal has few side effects, which normally include some temporary skin whitening and a sunburn-like sensation. Most people are able to resume their normal activities immediately following treatment without experiencing any downtime. We will provide specific aftercare instructions at your tattoo removal session.

*Individual results may vary

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